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Hey hey and happy Friday!

Spaghetti and Roasted Tomato Sauce foodiecrush.com

First off, I made this sauce with pasta (pic above) for a super easy dinner thanks to I had a bunch of campari tomatoes languishing on my counter. It’s the best! (Sidenote: I think Campari are the sweet and tasty and my go-to grocery store variety.)  

Each week I peruse the world wide web to make note of recipes, articles, movies, books and random items I think you guys might find interesting or add value to your life—and mine. This is Friday Faves.

This week, I came across a link about journaling. As a teen, I was an avid journaler but as an adult I start then stop then start then stop. And so I wrote below, “Are you into journaling? I need to be more consistent.”

That’s when it hit me. I need to…I “need” to. Why do I feel I “need” to do something that should bring me joy?

I caught myself and changed the word “need” to “want”. “I want to be more consistent.” That one four letter word makes all the difference. Snap! It’s more achievable. It’s more joyful because I want to do it, not because I need to do it. Is it possible I’m making progress in this thing called life? Are my hours of listening to Oprah’s podcasts actually sinking in? Whoa, Nelly! I am!

Later that night my husband and I watched this sweet Sundance-winner rom-com that delivered pretty much the same message. Whether it was irony or kismet, I connected again. The movie’s message cemented again the belief that making personal change and taking responsibility for myself starts by taking that first step. And then the second. And so on. If it’s something you, me, or the man in the moon wants—truly, deeply wants instead of “needs”—change is SO MUCH easier to achieve. Self acceptance and believing in ourselves is all in our heads.

Success in creating change means taking our mindsets and making a hard left away from being required to do something to wanting it. Whether it’s finding a new career, being more healthy, sticking to a budget, connecting with our soulmates, or committing to flossing every night (I’m on a 42 day roll!) the desire starts with the WANT more than the need. And that is what I know.

Let’s get dreaming and wanting, and let’s start with this week’s Friday Faves. XO

This award-winning image sums it up.

I think we’ve watched more movies in the past month than we have in the past year, with my man and I particularly liking:

Find out what your personality type is with the enneagram test.


Discover how your enneagram type affects your spending.

I’ve been making my favorite spring veg on repeat.

Last week I messed up this link so here again is this one-pot shrimp dish that shines with the flavors of spring.

If you like butterscotch, you’ll love these.

Like pillows in heaven, these are the plushest looking sugar cookies I’ve ever seen.

How cute is this treat for your favorite dog (or more).

These potatoes make weekend breakfast complete.

This pie deserves all the heart eyes.

Slurping soup never tasted so good with this muy bueno looking recipe.

A new way to eat Brussels sprouts I might actually like.

Gotta try this flavor-filled chicken dinner.

This pulled pork is my kind of cooking.

I discovered this Southern Utah resort and OMG I want to go asap.


I can see myself doing some R&R here.

Who would have thought this American chain could be the sleekest hotel in Rome? I WANT TO GO!

You’ve heard of the slow-TV travel videos of train rides and such that reduce anxiety? I discovered this Vietnamese YouTuber whose videos are so calming I can’t stop watching, but teach a little something at the same time.

I’m still researching the best raised bed gardening and this tutorial is a good one to get started.

I already have three other styles of this camera, do I really need another? #rainbow

I could kick myself for not picking up the cutest woven bag when we were in Hawaii. Here’s a few I don’t want to let get away again.

Top questions to ask your dermatologist before getting fillers.

Get up and get moving:

8 compelling reasons to live more with less.


Exactly what to do with everything you haven’t used in the last year.

I’m craving this California home decor style.

Would you choose browsing Zillow over sex? Ummmmm…No. Not me. Nope.

I don’t remember if I linked to these pants but I really, really like them.

I’m breaking in my new summer slides! Now, go away snow.

These Barbie pool floats deliver all the summer feels.

And that’s it for this week. Be safe and have a great weekend everyone! XO

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